Greek Star Stergio Liberis is coming in Beirut to perform on biaf awards

Greek Star Stergio Liberis is coming in Beirut to perform on biaf awards

The International Greek Star stergio liberis Live on 28.06 in Beirut, Performing for biaflebanon awards in honor of the president of the Council  Of Ministers saad hariri.

Lately,like the last 4 years you might tune on the radio and you heard his hit songs

titled ” yalla habibi sagapo” or ”so hot”. Stergios or Stergio Liberis is a Greek International
Singer and Actor that his fans, and the media all over call him Greek God!
the 32 years old Artist has born in Athens, Greece, he studied veterinarian,
and then acting directing in london! He Lives between Athens,Bucharest and Istanbul
since he started his own house of productions and music label. He counts collaborations with
international artists like Ricky Martin, Kylie Minoque, Shakira and many others.
He visited Beirut in 2016 invited from BIAF Awards,and many times he post pictures by
his visit in Lebanon to his social media accounts. (source :
He received an honorably award by Lebanese Politician Ashraf Rifi in Tripoli, back
to 2016 for his humanitarian efforts. He also received honorably rewards from unesco
in 2015 when Hollywood Legend Angelina Jolie Visited Greece.
Now he is preparing to release a max single with english,greek,arabic and turkish songs,
and as we contacted with his management we have exclusive informations that he will
visit lebanon this summer for some limited concerts and events.